Summer in the Vineyard : Q & A with Winemaker Matt Compton

June 19th 2017


Q: What are you currently doing in the vineyard?

A: We are spraying in the vineyards. This is preventative to protect from mildew from rain and/or humidity. The spray is sulfur and another chemical, done weekly but can’t be done when it is raining.

Also we are suckering and tucking shoots up into the canopy.


Q: What are the vines currently doing?

A: They are just beginning bloom. Bloom started about 2 days ago and with warm sunshine will usually last about a week.


Q: What are your predictions for this year?

A: We are predicting harvest the first few weeks of October. We have had a very average year so far. It is too early to predict anything else, that will depend on the rest of the growing season and ultimately harvest.