You’ve been asking about these wines, so be sure to read all about it!

We’re used to the question “Red or White?”, when selecting wine. But now you can add “Orange” to that list. Orange wines may seem like a new trend, but they have been around since the ancient origins of wine, when clay vessels were used for fermentation and storage. Compton Family Wines currently offers two different Orange wines: Ramato (made from Pinot Gris) and Orange Gewurztraminer.

Orange wines have nothing to do with orange juice. They are made from white wine grapes left in contact with the skins and seeds, which imparts a variety of flavors to the finished product as well as a lovely orange hue. (The orange color comes from lignin in grape seeds as well as pigment in the skins). You’ll find that orange wines taste very different from their white wine counterparts, with more tannins, earthiness, tartness and less sweetness. Serve them at cellar temperature, or with the slightest chill, to preserve these aromas and flavors. Food pairings for orange wines are incredibly versatile, so feel free to experiment!

Have you tried Compton Ramato yet?
The name “Ramato” comes from Northeastern Italy where Pinot Grigio (same as Pinot Gris) is left to sit on the skins, creating a lovely auburn hued wine. Our Ramato was aged in neutral oak barrels and has a balance of subtle sweetness and savory earthiness. We have been trying to “stump the Ramato” with food pairings for a while now. . . and everything works! From olives to strong cheeses, artichokes, spicy food, and dips of all kinds, all pair so well with Compton Ramato, that it has become our charcuterie wine of choice. It’s also great with spicy Thai, Mexican, BBQ, Italian and even Sushi.

Our Orange Gewurztraminer has a lovely apricot hue from the peachy-pink color of Gewurztraminer grape skins. Take time to savor the heady bouquet, lychee, honeysuckle and stone fruit. You may expect sweetness, but this wine is bone-dry with zero residual sugar. Orange Gewurztraminer pairs very well with fragrant spiced dishes, sweet and sour flavors, pungent and washed-rind cheeses, even a white pizza.

This is a recent new release, so please share your great orange Gewurztraminer food pairings with us on Facebook or email to We love to talk about food and wine with you!