Your Questions Answered:
We were Spindrift, now we are Compton


No, there has been no change in ownership or business structure whatsoever. Matt and Tabitha Compton were the owners of Spindrift Cellars from its inception and remain the owners and operators of Compton Family Wines. There has been zero change in leadership or ownership since 2003 when Matt and Tabitha began Spindrift Cellars, now renamed Compton Family Wines. Additionally, the location of the production site and tasting room remain unchanged.

The wine you’ve loved remains the exactly same as it always has been. Same experienced winemaker, same Willamette Valley heritage, same process, same winery. What we bottle under our new brand and labels is the exact same product you would be enjoying if we had remained under our old label of Spindrift Cellars.

The only change is more of an addition: our former Spindrift Wines will now be bottled under the Compton Family Wines Garden Series label. We’ve also added our elevated Compton Old Vine series in our Grey label try our highly 94 Point Alpine Pinot Noir or our popular concete Egg Chardonnay.

That being said, wine changes from year to year (we are farmers first) so your prize-winning Compton Family Wines Pinot Noir is going to have its own unique attributes separate from your Spindrift Cellar Pinot Noir from a few years ago, but of course you already knew that.

After two decades of winemaking under different labels the changing decade signaled the time to make the leap. We’ve always been proud of our product and process, but with 2020 on the horizon it was time to make initiate what we think will be the final evolution in our wine making story. A broader product line that we would literally put our name on has always been the goal and when opportunity met preparedness last year, we jumped.

We couldn’t be happier with what we’ve accomplished and what we’ve developed over the years.

We have not moved production or our tasting room location in Philomath, Oregon. We’re still conveniently situated in downtown Philomath where we are accessible for your purchasing needs or an educational wine tasting. Remaining in Philomath keeps us where we can best serve our clientele in a location that doesn’t require a special trip to enjoy your favorite vintage or learn more about what makes Compton Family Wines so special.

Visit us at 810 Applegate St, Philomath, OR 97370.