Pinot Blanc

$25 a bottle

Tasting Note
Scents of fresh pear, wild thyme and sea breeze. Flavors are driven by a consistent acidity and minerality, balanced by Meyer lemon and juicy pear. The classic Pinot Blanc racy “edge” persists in the lengthy finish.

A tasting room favorite and a super versatile food pairing wine, complimenting fish, chicken, roasted veggies, or a wood fired white-sauced pizza.

2018 Tasting Note
Single vineyard from DeerHaven Vineyard. Crisp pear, Meyer lemon, and a hint of thyme in the light, enlivening scent. Silky smooth with concentrated flavors of pear, lemon, and a hint of honeysuckle as the wine opens. Spices and herbs show in a long, fresh finish. A crisp aperitif for summer sipping, or pair with grilled halibut, new potatoes, and thick slices of home grown heirloom tomatoes.

If you are like us, you check out the customer reviews when you go shopping online. So we decided to do the tasting notes for this wine a bit differently. The following are the notes from a group of Corvallis area wine enthusiasts tasting the 2018 vintage. We hope their candid comments are helpful to you.


Our tasting group sighed a collective ahhh at the scent this wine. Our most creative member said his inner artist felt its aura was “gold”. What a beginning.

More comments about the nose- floral, citrus, lemon peel. As we spent more time swirling and sniffing, mineral, tangerine, and peach notes completed our evaluation of the scent.

We all then tasted the wine and after a few “yummies” got down to the serious business. First impression, citrus, peach, and a subtle herbaceous note. More time spent contemplating and we found “spring water pouring over slate”, minerality, “grassy fields on a spring day”, and an undertone of leather, mushroom, and fresh turned earth. We all felt the wine finished delightfully long, lasting several minutes in our mouths, echoing the mineral and fruit flavors. After the tasting this bottle’s contents disappeared instantly.



Compton Pinot Blanc