Compton Family Wines
Brut Sparkling Wine 2019


Oregon Sparkling Brut, clean, and well-meshed, with bright crisp acidity. A lively mix of lemon, tart green apple, and a hint of stone fruit. A perfect balance between freshness and delicacy with fruity flavors very present on the finish. Four years on the lees brings depth and presents a pretty lychee finish. 75% old vine Pinot Noir and the rest Chardonnay.

Fruit was picked early for low sugar and high acid. Our Brut was made using the traditional process of Methode Champenoise, bringing more texture, structure, and soft acids. After primary fermentation, the still base wine was blended with Liqueur de Tirage, a mixture of sugar and yeast, to initiate secondary fermentation, then bottled and sealed with a crown cap. The wine was aged on the lees in the bottle for about 4 years. Riddling (rotating) bottles move the lees to the neck. Disgorging expels the lees plug from the bottle using freezing temperature and pressure. Finally, dosage of Liqueur d’Expedition, a mix of wine and residual sugar is added back to the bottle. The bottle is sealed with traditional cork and wire cage and labeled by hand.