Vineyard Update from Matt Compton

2019 growing season started with cool temperatures with lots of rain which lead to budbreak around April 15th to 20th (I call this normal average time for bud break) The cool and wet weather stuck around into early May and gave us frost damage at many of our vineyards.  This is the most damage I have seen in many years for our vineyards.  When the primary buds get damaged the secondary buds will come out late and have half as much fruit.

With the wet late winter and spring rain is giving us plenty of moisture in the soil to take us into the growing season.   Bloom come around June 15th with the 90+ degree days and made flowing happen fast.   As of late June, the temperature has cooled down and hopefully will stay cool into July.  With good fruit set it’s nice to have cooler temperatures after bloom to give us smaller barriers.

We have had some setbacks with the frost but hoping for a calm summer and Fall.